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The Massachusetts Perinatal Quality Collaborative engages in many Obstetric Projects. Please use the sidebar on the left to access our current active projects. Project sections include meeting minutes and toolkits!

Improvements Acheived 


2010 – 2013  MPQC, in conjunction with the March of Dimes and ACOG, initiated the hard stop policy for elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks.  Over the course of 12 months, working with all Massachusetts birthing hospitals, this project contributed towards the reduction of early elective deliveries by 50% in one year. By 2013, the state’s rate was 1.3%. This is a decrease of approximately 1400 babies born “too early.” These babies have decreased risk of NICU admission and morbidity. 


2016—Present  MPQC runs a 4-hospital pilot program based on ACOG recommendations about the treatment of severe hypertension in pregnancy.  The chart to the right shows the improvement seen over the 3 month pilot. Currently, 10 hospital are engaged in this QI project.


2012— 2015 MPQC focused on the dissemination of best practices and toolkits regarding obstetrical hemorrhage.  21 hospitals underwent formal QI training and contributed outcomes data from 2013 – 2016.  The below graphs show a sustained decrease in maternal transfusions and maternal ICU admission. A possible decrease in 8 per 1000 deliveries in transfusions across the state would show a decrease in approximately 560 fewer women transfused.


Progesterone Toolkit by MPQC
17P Toolkit 8.8.17.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]

Maternal Hemorrhage Toolkits from MPQC

OB Hemorrhage Toolkit Stage 1
OB Hemorrhage Tool Kit - Stage 1 Ob Hemo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [209.8 KB]
OB Hemorrhage Toolkit Stage 2
OB Hemorrhage Tool Kit - Stage 2 Ob Hemo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [211.2 KB]
OB Hemorrhage Toolkit Stage 3
OB Hemorrhage Tool Kit - Stage 3 Ob Hemo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [210.4 KB]
OB Hemorrhage Toolkit Admission Evaluation Form
OB Hemorrhage Tool Kit - Admission Evalu[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [219.1 KB]
OB Hemorrhage Debriefing Toolkit MPNQC
OB Hemorrhage Debriefing Tool - MPNQC To[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [195.3 KB]

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